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Frank Sahlein - LEAP! Co-Founder & Partner

Sahlein Co-Founder/Partner

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Jeff Lulla - LEAP! Co-Founder & Partner

Lulla Co-Founder/Partner

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Sharron Crowley - LEAP! Co-Founder & Partner

Crowley Co-Founder/Partner

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Online instructor training.

You need it, so we developed it.

LEAP! Learning was developed specifically with curriculum-based business owner/operators in mind. Our world-class learning management system platform, coupled with expert program curriculum content, provides you with the perfect solution to improve and standardize your instructor skill and safety training. We also built-in the capability for you to add your own custom content, edit and/or delete pre-loaded program curriculum course content and student skills and activities so you can customize it to fit your specific needs.

We have partnered with Expert Content Authors in the gymnastics, swimming, dance, cheerleading, trampoline, perceptual motor and special needs industries to provide you with comprehensive, time-tested and proven-successful instructor training courses and student activity libraries so you can grow and strengthen your business. If you would like to partner with us as a LEAP! Expert Content Author, email Jeff for more info!

Our philosophy.


Learning is what our individual industry businesses are all about...starting with our staff members and flowing through to our students.


Educating is what we do and we do it right! Expert program curriculum training courses for our staff and skills and activities for our students.


Adapting to the educational needs for staff training and student learning creates standards and consistency necessary for success.


Presenting information through instructor courses and skills and activities for students to fit the unique needs of each organization.